Quest for Map of:
Grauberg [S]

Lost in Translocation

Quest name Lost in Translocation
Related areas
  • Batallia Downs [S]
  • Eldieme Necropolis [S]
  • Requirements and
    Suggested party Setup :
  • Solo
  • Details :
    1. Speak to Thorben (J-10) in Batallia Downs [S].

    2. Go into Eldieme Necropolis [S] through the entrance behind Thorben.

    3. Find three pieces of the map at:

      • Right piece: Sarcophagus (H-9)
      • Middle Piece: gravestone (H-8)
      • Left piece: Speak to Erik (H-7)

    4. Return to Thorben in Batallia Downs [S] for a cutscene and map.